My Nan’s Incredible Vegan Hotpot

Chloe D’Inverno shares another recipe straight out of her family cookbook, a lovely vegan hotpot for when it’s cold outside!

Image Credits: Chloe D’Inverno

Having previously shared my Grandma’s Famous Chunky Vegetable Soup, now it’s time for another recipe out of the family cookbook! A recent dinner included my Nan’s hotpot and I knew I had to share it as soon as I smelled it coming out of the oven. 

When my Nan made this glorious meal for us, we were on a little holiday, and thought it would be ideal to relax on our first night and eat in the rented flat together. I was so thankful to see my Nan had put the time and effort into making a vegan hotpot for my sister and I (the only two vegans!) and that it was as tasty as it looked and smelled! My Nan, as well as my Grandad, never fail to make outstanding vegan meals that blow me away every time. But what makes this extra special is that despite not being vegan themselves, they are nonetheless kind enough to think up new recipes for us! I’ll be forever grateful for the two of them because my stomach is always full of healthy and hearty meals!

Image Credits: Chloe D’Inverno

Being such a flavoursome and warming meal, I have made it multiple times since my Nan first offered it up to our dinner table. It’s wonderful for those days when you want a hot and nourishing dinner! What’s perfect about a hotpot is that the recipe is so versatile, you can add more ingredients, or switch ones you don’t like for ones you love. Today, I am going to share with you the ingredients and method I used when replicating my Nan’s initial recipe, and I hope it takes your fancy just like it takes mine!


One large onion

200g mushrooms

1 can of mixed beans

2 large potatoes

3 carrots

200g lentils

1 vegetable stock cube

350ml water

4 tsp garlic

3 tsp mixed herbs

2 tsp coriander

Flying Tiger’s Fried Potato Spice Mix (or your favourite spices for seasoning)

1 tbsp of tomato purée

2 tbsp cornflour

Vegetable oil

Image Credits: Chloe D’Inverno


  1. To start off, boil a kettle full of water. Pop the lentils into a pan and add the water, letting them get to the boil before simmering them for 20 minutes. 
  2. Meanwhile, cut your mushrooms and onion into small chunks, then fry them in a wok or deep frying pan with a small bit of oil. After five minutes, add the garlic powder, mixed herbs and coriander. 
  3. Let the mushrooms and onion fry whilst peeling the potatoes. Cut them into thin slices, and put them in a pan of pre-boiled water, and boil for ten minutes. This means the potatoes need less time to cook and crisp up in the oven. 
  4. Peel and chop the carrots before either boiling or steaming them for ten minutes too, alongside the potatoes.
  5. Now the potatoes and carrots are cooking, add 1 tablespoon of tomato purée to the frying pan and mix this with the frying vegetables. 
  6. Make your vegetable stock, by adding 350ml of boiling water to one vegetable stock cube. If you want more flavour, you could always use two stock cubes. Add 150ml of this stock into the wok and let simmer for a few minutes. 
  7. Drain your can of mixed beans before pouring them into the wok too, with another 150ml of stock. 
  8. Next, the carrots should be ready, so add them to the hotpot mixture also so they can soften further. 
  9. Add the two tablespoons of cornflour and mix. Let this all simmer on a medium heat for ten minutes, so that some of the water is absorbed and the mixture gets thicker because of the cornflour.
  10. During this ten minutes, drain the potatoes and pour them onto a baking tray. Add oil and ensure that each side of the potato slices has been covered. Add your choice of seasoning too. I used my all-time favourite Fried Potato Mix which I use whenever I am cooking potatoes (bought from Flying Tiger)! Of course, if you do not have this seasoning, these are the following spices that are in it: salt, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, sage and rosemary. You could add a small amount of each of these, or add whatever other spices you like and usually use to season.
  11. Now the hotpot mixture should be thicker, drain and add your lentils. Stir these in and add the last 50ml of stock if you want the mixture to be runnier. 
  12. Finally, pour your mixture into a large casserole dish. Place your sliced potatoes on top, spreading them evenly over the mixture. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until the potatoes are brown and crispy.
  13. While your hotpot is cooking, prepare your favourite vegetables to have on the side. 
  14. And, finally, enjoy!

About the Author: Chloe D’Inverno is a third year English Language and Linguistics student at the University of York. She has a passion for veganism since making the change in 2016, and is now on the path to further help the environment by doing her part in regards to sustainability and finding zero-waste alternatives.


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