Discover Blue: Ocean-Friendly Shopping

Antonia Devereux introduces us to Discover Blue, a box and subscription service which delivers ocean-friendly, plastic-free and vegan bathroom products straight to your door!

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After the hit documentary Seaspiracy, the ocean has been on our minds. Humans pose many threats to the ocean, our activities have fuelled climate change, which is turning waters acidic and slowing currents. Continued overfishing is putting ocean ecosystems at risk, as well as the people who rely on fish as a key source of protein. Finally, in case we hadn’t done enough, the equivalent of a truckload of our waste enters our ocean every minute. So, what can we do to protect our oceans?

Calling on our governments to combat climate change, promote sustainable fisheries and live up to their promises are vital steps in protecting our oceans. However, changes can be made at an individual level too. Reducing your intake of seafood, or giving it up altogether, can have a huge impact on marine life and help prevent further fishing waste, such as nets, from entering our seas.

Buying low-waste and ethical products is another sure way of minimising your impact, with companies like Discover Blue now making it easier than ever.

Discover Blue Turtle Gift Box (Image credits: Discover Blue)

Discover Blue is an ocean-friendly shop, which provides both individual and subscription boxes full of plastic-free, ethical, and vegan bathroom products from trusted UK suppliers. Each product is tried and tested by the Discover Blue team to ensure that only high quality and ocean-safe products are delivered to your door.

To find out more, check out the Q&A with the team below:

When did you start Discover Blue and why?

I set up Discover Blue in Spring 2020 in response to the growing concerns over plastic pollution and the diminishing health of our ocean. As a marine conservationist, I believe there are many individual actions we can all take to improve the environment around us. I wanted to make sustainable shopping easier and more convenient for people across the UK in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic we throw away and support a cleaner and healthier ocean environment.

Where do you source your products from?

All bathroom products are plastic-free and suitable for vegans. They are sourced from small ethical UK suppliers to keep our carbon emissions to a minimum.

Discover Blue Soap Bars (Image credits: Discover Blue)

What does sustainability mean to you and the brand?

For me, sustainability is about protecting our natural resources from depletion and ensuring a thriving future for all life on earth. As a brand, Discover Blue focuses on protecting the ocean. As the lungs of our planet, it provides a huge number of benefits to us and marine life. In terms of sustainability, we use the phrase ‘ocean-friendly which ultimately means our products are 100% plastic-free, suitable for vegans, contain natural ingredients that are locally sourced and arrive in recyclable packaging.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for people wanting to have a positive impact on the ocean?

Enjoy it. Take a breath of sea air. Paddle in the shallows. Explore the rock pools. Or if you’re really brave, jump straight in! The more time we spend appreciating the ocean and discovering the wonders of the underwater world the more we will want to alter our behaviour and have a positive long-lasting impact.

Beach clean by Jo, founder of Discover Blue (Image credits: Discover Blue)

Small individual changes can make a big difference and the ocean could use all the help it can get! Companies like Discover Blue are part of a new wave of consumerism, but the kind that helps us to find ethical products that not only benefit us but the planet too. If you want to learn more about Discover Blue, you can find them online or on Instagram.

About the Author: Antonia Devereux is an Environment, Economics and Ecology student at the University of York and is currently the Social Media Manager for WILD Magazine. Her passion for sustainability led her to create her blog, Greener Grasses, which provides easy ways to reduce your impact on the planet.

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