Climate-neutral life: How big is your footprint?

The Netflix subscription for our environment. mindful mission is helping people calculate, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

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We all leave footprints when walking, a mark of our presence in that spot at that exact time. We leave our footprint in mud, on the beach, even in the bathroom; however, these personal marks on these surfaces are temporary. The sun comes out and dries the wet footprint; enough people walk over the same stretch of mud that all footprints blend together. What many of us don’t realise, however, is that we leave a footprint everywhere we go, but it is not the size of our shoe, it is much bigger, and it is usually also permanent. We all leave a carbon footprint.

For 6 years, Viennese students Christoph Rebernig and Karim Abdel-Baky, both 23, and their team have been developing innovative solutions to combat climate change. After more than a year of research and development, the start-up has now released a new platform: mindful mission, which helps you become climate neutral and reduce your carbon footprint.

Pictured (© mindful mission): mindful mission co-founders Christoph Rebernig and Karim Abdel-Baky

To be climate neutral means stabilising the amount of your CO2 emissions with the amount of warming gases removed from the atmosphere. This is crucial in our fight against global warming and start-ups like mindful mission are helping people play their part in the crisis.

“The CO2 emissions of every European are on average more than 9 times too high to prevent the climate crisis. We came to realise that beating climate change will not work without CO2 compensation,” writes Karim, co-founder of mindful mission. He also explains how even by going vegan, not flying and not driving, our emissions would still be 4 times too high. There is no simple answer; however, Karim believes that a step closer to a solution is “reducing and offsetting unavoidable emissions to bring our own CO2 footprint to zero”.

By using 30 scientifically tested questions about personal lifestyle, mindful mission can calculate your CO2 footprint. All done online and in a matter of minutes. The platform then offers you the chance to make a change, to be part of the global fight against climate change and help offset your emissions with a climate subscription. Think Netflix, but instead you get to be involved in saving our planet. The monthly contribution, of around £8, goes towards three UN-certified climate protection projects:

  • Protection of the Amazon rainforest in Peru
  • Development of wind energy instead of coal power in India
  • Clean drinking water in Bangladesh

These projects help offset 100% of your unavoidable CO2 emissions. In addition, through the subscription, individual tips are provided (through a personal profile) for reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

The first climate protection project combats the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, by planting trees. In addition, a fair trade and organic certified cocoa cooperative was founded. Consequently, many jobs have been created, supporting the locals of the area, with many of these jobs being held by women. 

Image (© Ecosphere): The Peru Climate Protection project helps fight the deforestation going on in the country’s rainforest.
Pictured (© Ecosphere): Local woman in Peru posing with cacao fruit and its end product. Thanks to the founding of a fair-trade cocoa cooperative, many jobs have been created for locals, many of them held by women.

The second project makes renewable energy from wind power possible in India, thus reducing the burning of coal and preventing the construction of new coal-fired power plants.

The third climate protection project provides clean drinking water for residents in Bangladesh. A WHO-certified water disinfection device guarantees high-water quality, meaning the drinking water no longer has to be boiled.

Pictured (© Helioz): Local Bangladeshi woman posing with a bottle of clean water and a WHO-certified water disinfection device.
Pictured (© Helioz): Local children in Bangladesh holding bottles of clean water.

A mix of these three projects is supported by each contribution, and by supporting them not only are the exact CO2 emissions saved, but also the standard of living of local people in these countries is drastically improved.

Pictured (© Helioz): Local community in Bangladesh with a bottle of clean water and a WHO-certified water disinfection device.

These projects are subject to globally recognized standards and certifications (United Nations, CCBA, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) and were selected with the advice of climate experts. This guarantees that your monthly payment isn’t being wasted, as independent checks on the projects’ validity, and that they are actually compensating for climate-damaging greenhouse gases, take place often.

Every gram of CO2 is a gram too much,” explains Katharina Kozel, 23, responsible for marketing at the start-up, “[and] with our platform, we have created an opportunity to act immediately and self-sufficiently against climate change”. mindful mission leaves little room for excuses against taking charge of the climate crisis. Your personal carbon footprint is calculated, reduced and offset – all online, in a few minutes, and for only £8 a month. You even get a bracelet, explains Christoph, to “remind [you] every day of what our actions mean for climate change”.

Image (© mindful mission): Every ‘climate neutral human’ receives a bracelet, signalling their climate neutrality and reminding them of the significance of their actions.

The start-up originally set up by Christoph and Karim in Vienna, Austria, has exceeded all expectations, explains Jasmin Schiel, 21, who’s also a student and is responsible for community management. “We only launched our platform recently and have already gained users from all over the world. We are surprised how many people were waiting for our solution”, says Jasmin. Indeed, mindful mission has become a fast-growing solution, and a key part in the fight against the climate crisis. The start-up has not only acquired thousands of private customers but has also gained the trust of more than 30 international companies. Even the French bank BNP Paribas, and the European Forum Alpbach are among mindful mission’s clients. This start-up is driven by intelligent young students, who are at the forefront of making a change in the fight against climate change. It’s never been easier to become a part of something so important and so beneficial to all of us. Plus, it’s actually cheaper than a standard Netflix subscription!

Meet the team:

Pictured (© mindful mission): mindful mission now boasts a team of 9 incredibly driven students.

Co-founders, Christoph Rebernig and Karim Abdel-Baky, are behind the ingenuity of this start-up. The two have been studying possibilities of reducing CO2 emissions for over 6 years. From just a small idea, their team has now grown to nine students, all highly motivated in counteracting the climate crisis.

For more information on their mission and their platform, you can check them out here:



About the author: Aidan W. Buttigieg is Deputy Managing Editor of WILD and is in his third year of studying English Literature at the University of York.

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