WILD Talk: In Conversation with Hazaar

Hazaar is a student-operated company created with an aim to increase sustainability on university campus’ across the UK. It provides an affordable marketplace for students to buy and sell anything from clothing to textbooks, with other students in the local area reducing the need for unsustainable, long-distance and packaged delivery. This eagerly awaited app is soon to be released after Christmas so we decided to get all the juicy information from Hazaar’s creator, Hazel Noy from the University of Birmingham.

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First of all, what is Hazaar?

Hazaar is a zero-waste marketplace app for students. Students can buy and sell anything from clothes, costumes and textbooks to household items. You buy online, then hand over the item in person. We have scrapped postage, so eliminated wasteful packaging and travel miles. Every university in the UK will have their own Hazaar marketplace.

“No hassle. No waste. Just HAZAAR!”

How does it work?

Students make their purchase online. They then agree on a safe place to meet (we suggest on campus) and hand over the item in person!

Where did the inspiration come from?

I was fed up of always Amazon-priming sports night costumes and other things I only used once, especially when someone two doors down has what I ordered on their bedroom floor. Hazaar exists to help students live a more sustainable life!

What have been your biggest challenges to set up Hazaar?

Finding the right app developer for Hazaar. I wanted someone who bought into Hazaar as a company and loved the business! I went with Niam Marketing; I met the founder of Niam on LinkedIn and instantly I knew her company was who I wanted to work with. With Niam I get a project manager, app designed and app developer. They’re amazing and we work so well as a team!

What has the response been like so far?

Amazing! We have Hazaar pages at 35 different unis, with a Head of Hazaar at each of the unis running the page. I didn’t even put much out saying I was looking for people; most of the Head of Hazaar’s approached me wanting to get involved. We now have a community of 10, 000 students and it’s growing by thousands each week!

What does sustainability mean to you? How is Hazaar facilitating this?

At Hazaar, we believe that most things you need already exist, so we should all buy second hand. Sustainability to me means being mindful of the things you buy and only buying things you really need.

Students care about sustainability and view climate change as one of the most important issue in the modern day. We aim to help students live a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing consumerism within student communities.

Where do you see Hazaar in a year’s time?

This time next year, we hope to be at every uni in the UK. The following year we aim to expand to Europe, then the rest of the world. One uni at a time, and Hazaar will go global!

You can check out Hazaar here:

Instagram: @justhazaar

Website: https://linktr.ee/justhazaar

About the Author: Megan Huntley is one of our social media assistants and is currently studying Environmental Geography in her second year at the Univeristy of York.

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