Wild for Wild Natural Deodorant!

Hazel reviews a sustainable must have, wild natural deodorant! In a realistic and honest review, the article dispels myths of natural deodorants not being as efficient as non-eco alternatives. Hazel also explains why switching from mainstreams deodorants is important for the environment.

Did you know that antiperspirant and deodorant products cause air, soil and water pollution? Did you know that the chemicals used have harmful effects on human health? Did you also know that you, the person reading this article, can easily do something about it? Continue to find out how!

In the eco-conscious times we live in, we all feel the pressure to learn, educate, do more and be better when it comes to protecting the planet. One area in which people can make significant positive change is in their choice of personal care and beauty products. Like many people out there, I have made the transition to a bamboo toothbrush, glass jars of toothpaste, biodegradable makeup wipes, reusable face pads and solid shampoos. To cut as much plastic out of my life as possible, the latest step I decided to take to take was to switch to a natural and plastic-free deodorant.

As a quick google search will highlight, reducing plastic waste is not the only motivation for people rejecting their usual high-street deodorant brands. Evermore, research is finding the links between antiperspirant and deodorant use and ill human health, namely the absorption of parabens and aluminium salts into our sweat glands, which can lead to breast cancer. In a world where we are exposed daily to so many harmful substances that we cannot control, why should we choose to put ourselves at risk, for the sake of sweat? The answer (of course) is we shouldn’t, and we don’t have to! 

Now, as a confessed sweaty Betty, my typical deodorant of choice was a Mitchum roll-on, followed by a Mitchum aerosol spray to top up. I didn’t hold out much hope for solid deodorants covering well or lasting all day, especially in the summer months, however on the advice of multiple friends and knowing that previous eco-friendly choices had worked out, I leapt into the unknown! Reluctant to spend money on a product I wasn’t sure would work, I picked up a small, free tester of Aromaco from Lush (a beneficial policy for us skint students!). In the end, I was glad to have not spent the money on the full-sized product as this small cube of dry, powdery solid felt horrible to rub into my armpit and what little came off felt sticky and smelled strange! I tried everything to make it easier to apply from warming it up in my hands, to use the same side each time, to grating the edges off and rubbing the filings onto my skin! It didn’t work for me and after my 9 am PE with Joe workouts I was very disappointed (and smelly!).

Determined to find a solution, I continued my quest, reading reviews and asking for recommendations. After a while adverts constantly (and creepily) popped up across my social media, one of which was for Wild Natural Deodorant; a subscription to the only natural deodorant with compostable refills. The reviews for their product were fab, with customers saying that one application could last up to 48 hours! Their website is perfectly laid out with all of the interesting information and articles you might need to convince you to convert. What appealed most to me was their beautiful reusable applicator which would stop me getting the product over my hands in the morning or it drying out in the open air! I was also excited by the choice of 5 different scents, and (after much deliberation) went for the ‘zesty orange’ in the ‘aqua’ coloured applicator and impatiently waited for their arrival!

The verdict: very impressed! The stylish, recyclable cardboard packaging comes with clear instructions on how to set up the simple applicator and how to discard the refills when they are done. The product smooths onto your skin like a balm and feels soft, not sticky. For someone like me (who sweats quite easily) I found that I needed to apply a decent layer but, if you have read into natural deodorants you will know there is often a period of excess sweating, where the body releases the toxins that have built up, so I gave it time! Now, a month in and armed with 3 more refills (in the ‘coconut dreams’ scent) I am totally in love with Wild deodorant, and get compliments on how good I smell! I love that it is a subscription so I will always have replacements without needing to think about it and, whilst it is not particularly cheap, I feel that it is well worth spending your money supporting businesses that do right by people and the planet. Even better, a percentage of their profits go to the ‘On a Mission’ climate change charity, so what are you waiting for? 

Overall, I cannot fault this brand and highly recommend it to all of you, whether you are an eco-nerd or have never given your deodorant choices a second thought, it’s always a good time to make a change. They have a clear and admirable goal and a product that works, so check out their website. You will not regret giving them a shot so come on and join me in going wild for Wild! 

About the Author: Hazel Swinfen is an Environmental Science graduate from the University of York who loves animals, oat milk and organising!

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