How To Be Wild: Shopping Second-Hand

Second hand shopping is a fab way to work towards that zero-waste lifestyle and save money in the process! Here are a few simple ways you can become a second-hand shopper. 

Charity Shops

Top: Cancer Research, Reading, £5.

Charity shops can be seriously ace, but you’re going to need to be determined. A good find takes some serious rail rummaging, but for at least half the price of your everyday outfit, that’s not a bad deal.

Here’s some top tips to make the most out of your charity shopping experience:

1)  Grab a friend! Charity shop changing rooms are notorious for being teeny and mirrorless, you might need a second opinion (or a sneaky selfie).

2)  With so much to sift through the urge to immediately give up or impulse buy is a strong one. Fight it! If you’re not sure leave it and you can always come back later.

3) Don’t be afraid to look out of your size range. They’re different for different brands and there’s nothing wrong with over-sized!

4) Sharing is caring. Remember to drop your old clothes to the charity shop instead of binning them. British Heart Foundation will even collect them from your home for free if you don’t feel like lugging the bag to the shop. 

5) Do not be afraid to buy men’s jumpers. Seriously. They are thicker, less expensive and super cosy.

Second-hand markets & shops

Second hand markets are perfect for all sort of shoppers. You can run in and out or just make a day out of it; most importantly…. they are cheap!

Universities are loving their vintage markets at the moment, so see if your university has one and pop along. Typical pricing is £15 for a kilo so make the most of it!

Hand me downs:

Got a pal or older sibling? Then these are the best.

Sibling’s outgrown clothes? FINALLY. High-fashion friend throwing out last season’s outfits? YESSSSS! Fitness-freak friend gone on another insane diet? GIMMEEEEE!

Free clothes

If there’s ever a reason to do anything, it’s because its free so take your friends up on the offer next time they’re clearing out their wardrobe. Plus, if you think the outfit really sucks you can always use it for fabric (they’ll never know)… and make something brand new.


All Image Credits: Ash Bedwell

About the Author: Charlie Bedwell is a third year Psychology student at the University of Reading.


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