Wearing Make-Up without Hurting Animals

It can be done!


More than 100 million animals are killed each year to due to animal testing, including cosmetics testing. Help save the fluffies by making a simple switch to cruelty-free make-up. 

In March 2013, the fluffies won a victory, with the EU introducing “testing bans for cosmetics. From then on, members of the EU could no longer sell cosmetics that had been newly tested on animals. So why are we still worried?

Unfortunately, there are many countries that haven’t followed suit: The USA (you guessed it) still allows cosmetics to be tested on animals and with most businesses being based in America, animal testing is much more common than you might hope. By buying cosmetics from brands that test on animals elsewhere we are still supporting the practice of animal testing….

But fret not, whether Estee Lauder has you into your overdraft or Rimmel £10 foundation is your fix, we have some alternative cruelty-free brands for you to check out!

Going “cruelty-free” with your make-up doesn’t mean broccoli body wash and beetroot lipstick anymore! Going cruelty free is easy, no matter your budget.  

Soap and Glory: Great for eyebrow pencils/gels, lippies and blush. Can be pricey, but keep an eye out for £3.50 mini lippies and Boots offers!

Body Shop:  Great for those of us who have no idea how to match to our skin tones and tense up at the idea of contouring. Staff are always there to offer help with choosing the right makeup for you.

Natural Collection: Great for long-lasting eye-shadow and eyebrow kits.

Barry M: Again, fab if you’re low on cash. Great selection of nail varnishes and hours of entertainment trying to tell the difference between the colours “ethereal forest” and “whimsical dreams”…

Lush: Famous for their epic bath bombs, Lush also prides itself on its ethical policies and makes a huge range of cosmetics to blow your student loan on  treat yourself to.

Neal’s Yard: To really splash out, head to Neal’s Yard Remedies and be impressed at all the shiny bottles and huge array of cosmetics and essential oils they stock. They’re cruelty-free, carbon-neutral and Fairtrade. What’s not to love?

For more information, see where the Good Shopping Guide ranks all the high street makeup brands according to their ethical rating on a variety of factors. Also check out Cruelty Free Kitty for a list of ALL cruelty free brands.


About the Author: Charlie Bedwell is a third-year university student at the University of Reading.

Photographer: Chelsea Farugia is a second-year student at Falmouth University.

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